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About The Author

Meet Ashley Thompson!

Born in Norristown, PA and raised in Bamberg,S.C, Ashley was always the one to bring joy to others with her colorful imagination. Initially inspired to become a pediatric dentist, Ashley Thompson graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a Biology degree. Eventually, things started to come full circle as she started to use her child-like imagination and passion to better children’s well-being to create what is now Ella’s Greatest Adventures. Ashley is a scientist,speaker,and entrepreneur operating out of North Carolina.

As a creative, Ashley needed an outlet from all the busyness found within the lab. Inspired by God and supported by an outlandish sci-fi writer she calls “husband”, Ashley began to think about writing children’s books. “I wanted to create a character that could speak to younger Ashley. Encourage her to let go of her fears and to fully embrace God’s love.” That was the beginning of Ella.

The very first adventure, Peace at the Dental Office, Ella overcomes her fear of going to the dentist and discovers what it means to have peace from God. Ella’s Greatest Adventures book series not only shares an exciting adventure but introduces the fruit of the spirit.

What started as a book idea eventually lead to creating earrings,bracelets, and apparel all handcrafted by Ashley.

“I want to encourage children and adults to overcome their fears and discover God’s love through colorful storytelling of all forms!”